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All About Technical Support

Technical support service was created to help players if there was a problem in the game, as well as to eliminate any errors that occurred during the game.
Contact support if you have any technical problems during the game, or if game errors are found. You can also contact tech support for:

problems with financial transactions;
- technical problem;
- offer;
- other:
- chat
- contests
- multi accounts
- account lock
- hacking account
- is a problem with diplomacy
- auto loader
- the citadel
- move
- a debt pit
- is another

Calling for support is simple - you need to click on the icon Icon support.png "technical support " Support.JPG
If you are registered in the system, you can enter your username and password and by clicking "Remember me" greatly facilitate subsequent calls to the service.
Without registration, you must fill in the fields each time:
Required fields are marked with *.
Name: - name: how you should be contacted by service workers.
E-mail: - your email address to send a response to the support service.
Nick: - your gaming name.
Server: the name of the game server.
Type: - question category. Needed to quickly understand what to do with the message.
Priority: is the urgency of the call. Do not try to immediately put the maximum urgency, refer to the problem you have objectively.
Subject: - The subject of the message, more accurate than the selected type.
Message: - The text of the message. Describe the problem / suggestion, try to make it as accurate and detailed as possible so that you can repeat the problem and identify the problem. Correct description will help solve the problem faster.
Upload file - attached file. If you have taken a screenshot of the screen, or want to attach some other file that will help developers in solving the problem, use this menu. The "Browse" button will help you choose the desired file.
Query verification: * - enter the numbers displayed above.

Before sending a message, be sure to include all the necessary information as detailed as possible. If this is a mistake, try revising it, and write in detail how this can be repeated.

The answer will come to the email address specified in the message.


Before contacting technical support, contact the forum, perhaps a similar problem already exists with other players, and there is already a solution to this problem. Make sure that in the game sources (Help) there is no answer to your question.

Technical support is an ambulance, do not load it with household trifles.

Reread the message before sending. Will everything in it be understood by the addressee?

If there are two or more errors / comments, they have different content and relate to different problems, do not place them on the same ticket, make two messages of the ticket. Ticket is a page describing and discussing one problem with a support system.
Do not make multiple duplicate tickets for the same problem.

It’s best to post suggestions for the game on game forum , in the Forum / Your suggestions section, rather than send it to tech support right away . Your message on the forum will be read. Also on the forum you can see the ideas of other players, maybe your idea has already been proposed earlier.

Do not use obscene language and insults to developers and administration, as well as to other players in your message. Try to be more restrained in your emotions.

Try to describe your problem as thoroughly and clearly as possible. It depends on how quickly your problem is resolved.