3. Seaport

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A port is a city, one of the sides of which adjoins the sea. It may be an ordinary city, lost or historical.
In the port, all types of buildings are available as in an ordinary city, but the main thing that distinguishes it is the possibility of building a shipyard and building ships in it.
For the construction of the shipyard requires the presence in the city of a square of 2x2 cells filled with water,  the building of the workshop, as well as (not on all servers) a positive reputation with the king of his state.
Water.gif Water is a new type of soil, available for terramorphing only in port cities
Shipyard.gif The shipyard has 10 levels and at the last gives the opportunity to hire 31 ships (in the aggregate, both trade and combat). Ships are not tied to a specific city, and they can be built in any port city.
Dock.gif In addition, you can build a dock in the city.
Its construction requires the presence in the city of the shipyard and also a water area of ​​2x2 cells. The dock has 5 levels of construction and at level 5 brings 20 ship ownership points. Only in the dock, you can hire the ships of war: galley and dromon
The seizure of the port requires a city ownership point, a declaration of war to the city master (unless the declaration of war is not required) and lasts 24 hours
You can establish a new city in a convenient place for you, transforming the outpost. The service costs 1000 coins. Or move your city (also by building an outpost). The service is paid, the cost is calculated based on the transfer distance.
You can not move the port city in the center of the island or the mainland, making it land.
Also, on some servers it is prohibited to transfer port cities from the islands to the mainland.
PORTS are on all servers except: Bohemia, Aragon